Capital Solar Maintenance is a Canberra based PV Solar System Maintenance provider. With a CEC accredited electrician leading our team, we deliver complete solar maintenance services, specialising in maximising systems performance and efficiency in both residential and commercial applications.



Maximise your systems' performance. Dust and other debris effect your systems efficiency, proper maintenance will increase your RIO by up to 30%.


Routine inspections significantly reduce the risk of system failures and ensure peak performance for your PV system.


A CEC certified electrician will assess damage and complete repairs to your solar system, minimising down time and ensuring your system is up and running again as quickly as possible.

Capital Solar Maintenance separates ourselves from other PV maintenance companies, with a CEC certified electrician on-site at all times. We deliver extremely high levels of service, unparalleled in the PV maintenance field. With extensive knowledge and experience, we can identify faults during routine Cleaning and Inspection Services that can often be rectified on the spot, saving both time and money for our customers.

We are fully insured and our staff have height safety training and national police checks, to ensure only the most capable and trustworthy people are working on your investment.

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If you require any of our services, you get in touch with us in a number of ways

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Phone: 0424 194 669

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"We have a bi-annual scheduled service, and couldn't be happier. Capital Solar Maintenance ensure we get every last watt out of our system, maximising the return on our investment, and as an added bonus the team are always an absolute pleasure to deal with"

- G & K Spencer, Ainslie ACT